Who are these two dafties?

James Barrett and Jonny Campbell are your two new pals and hosts of the Aff The Cuff podcast which can be found on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and many other podcast streaming platforms.

Both originally from Glasgow, Scotland, they met at work, as discussed in S1 Episode 1, entitled “Yer Two New Pals”.

We actually met whilst working for a sports retailer in Glasgow. We got up to a lot of nonsense and always had a good laugh after the first awkward counter, involving a trip to London.

Jonny Campbell on Episode 1 of the Aff The Cuff podcast.

James and Jonny always spoke about ‘doing a podcast’ together but like many, life gets in the way of grand ideas. With the turn of the new year and no longer working together, having both moved on from the company where they met, James and Jonny took action and decided to make it happen. After a quick haircut and photo shoot in James’ kitchen, they had the bare bones of a podcast brand.

A few days and conversations later, the artwork was ready and to put it bluntly, shit was getting real.

They recorded the podcast intro voiceovers and got to work in having the audio branding, or imaging for the nerds out there, ready.

On 26th January 2020, their trailer was launched to the world on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. Days later, on the 31st January, the first episode dropped and they never looked back.

After a short break and a global pandemic (we wont mention it’s name), they are back for Season 2 of Aff The Cuff!